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Easter snow

Val Cenis (Haute Maurienne, French Alps), April 2018

It is Easter time and spring is coming, but on the mountains of Haute Savoie
it seems that winter is not ended yet. We are in Val Cenis: from Termignon to Bonneval-sur-Arc snow is still falling on fable-like landascapes


Bonneval-sur-Arc, April 2018

Bonneval-sur-Arc is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is sattled in the Arc Valley (Haute Maurienne, French Alps), at 1794 meters a.s.l. Winter is long here and, in April 2018, there are still more than two meters of snow!

the Great Canada

the Great Canada

I have been in Canada twice, I have visited Alberta and British Columbia: I have traveled the highways that go through the Rocky Mountains and I have sailed among the fiords on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, I have seen the Great Canada. In these galleries I’d like to show you what my eyes could admire

landscapes of beloved mountains

landscapes of beloved mountains

There are places and landscapes that steal your heart and heal your soul, places that you feel to call home. In this gallery I want to show you some landscapes that have healed my wounds several times during the last eighteen years: the Haute Maurienne, Tarentaise, Briançonnais and Haute Savoie mountains, in the French Alps.

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