what I do and what I can offer to you

I am a freelance layout artist and graphic illustrator; I have a five year experience in the editorial world and I can follow you in both simple and more ambitious projects.

From 2012 I am the Technical Editor of the journal Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana (BSPI) and I manage the graphic and text layout of the contents and the cover; I realized also the new letterhead and interactive PDFs for the review modules.

I am also a certified Web Master at the Mohole School of Languages (Milano, Italy).

Find out below what can I offer to you and feel completely free to contact me for any kind of information you need!

graphic services

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layouts for flyers, posters, letterheads and business cards for every kind of activity

my job boxes

Graphic and text layouts for all kind of journal, periodical and magazine

my job boxes

graphic layouts and design for websites

my job boxes

graphic and text layouts for personal and professional text and photographic books

Since I have a 10 years academic career on my shoulders, I can offer you also more specific services. They are not more expensive…I just simply understand what you need, and I know how to do it!

scientific and academic editorial services

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paging of minor/major degree thesis
and Ph.D. thesis
from every field of the scientific and academic world

my job boxes

technical editor services for scientific journals:
paging and layouts of contents, graphic consultant, proof editing, management of the relations with Authors

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